Sevilla: 5 tips for your first visit

As you might have read, I love the city of Sevilla. I have visited it numerous times, and can not get enough of the food, small alleys, beautiful parks and great atmosphere. Therefore, it made sense that I would use my first blog post to give you some advice for your first visit to Sevilla.

1. Visit the ‘standard’ sights

Go climb the Giralda tower, visit the Alcazar palace and Plaza Espana. You will definitely not have these places to yourself, but they really are worth the visit. If you are a student, don’t forget your student card! It will get you a good discount on entrance tickets (for example: a regular ticket to the Alcazar costs €9,50, a student ticket is only €2).

Plaza Espana in the morning fog, seen from the Giralda tower
2. Spend a day wandering around

I don’t think there is any other city that is so perfect for just wandering around all day. Sevilla has loads of small alleys, with surprises waiting around every corner (such as a beautiful patio or a small church). The Santa Cruz neighbourhood is perfect for this activity, but there are other areas that are probably just as interesting. I particularly like the neighbourhood around Calle Feria and Alameda de Hercules, where you feel like you really catch a glimpse of daily life.

Colorful Santa Cruz
3. Going for food and drinks counts as an activity too

At least, in Sevilla it does. The food here is absolutely delicious, but the atmosphere in the bars is what makes this experience so great. There are so many restaurants and bars that I would recommend, that I will make this a separate blog post. For now,  I will just recommend my favourite drink and tapa:

  • ‘tinto de verano’ (translated: red summer wine). It is refreshing and fruity, the perfect summer drink.
  • ‘salmorejo’, cold sauce / soup made of tomatoes and olive oil. It’s a bit like gazpacho but creamier and much better.
4. Visit a flamenco show

Sevilla is famous for the flamenco. There are plenty of venues offering shows, but in my experience the ones that combine a (pricy) dinner with a show are not the best. My recommendation would be Casa de la Memoria. Their traditional shows are given on a wonderful, candle-lit patio, in the heart of Santa Cruz. Be sure to buy your tickets for the evening show in the morning or afternoon.

5. Hire a bike!

When you have visited all the main sights, it’s time to hire a bike. Don’t try to ride your bike in Santa Cruz: the roads are too bumpy and narrow. Instead, starting from Torre de Oro, cycle alongside the river, then cross the bridge to explore the neighbourhood of Triana. Stop by the covered Mercado de Triana, directly after the bridge on the right, and buy some fresh snacks. Then cycle through Calle San Jacinto, Calle Betis and Calle Pelay Correa to get an impression of Triana. Seen enough? Head back across the river to Parque Maria Luisa (near Plaza Espana), explore the park and end your trip with a picknick.

IMG_4904 (2)
View on Triana (Calle Betis)

These tips should be enough to keep you busy for a few days! In another post, I will share my tips for a longer visit, including day trips in Andalucia.

Please share your thoughts on this post, and feel free to ask questions. I will reply to them all!

5 reacties op ‘Sevilla: 5 tips for your first visit

  1. Great site! I have dual US/Spain citizenship and have lived in Spain and traveled there many many times. Sevilla is one of the “special” places – you really captured it. I need to get back soon. Currently we are in Napa Valley living and working, so not so bad either. Check out our California wine country blog at: and follow us if you like what you see.


  2. Excellent tips! I’m also completely in love with Sevilla; was from the first day I visited! I think I have stayed there a total of 5 months or something like that.
    I really liked the flamenco show at the Flamenco muesum which is located in Santa Cruz. If you haven’t tried it, go for it the next time you visit 🙂
    Best, Rebecca


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