Sevilla: where to eat & drink and what to order!

Over the years, we have tried lots of bars and restaurants in Sevilla. By now, we have some steady favorites that we nearly always visit when we are in Sevilla. Some are mostly visited by locals, so you might call them ‘hidden’ gems. Others are well known and pretty touristy, but still worth a visit. Here we go!


  • Levies (C. San José 15). We discovered this place by coincidence on one of our first trips, and have kept coming here ever since. We usually stay in a hotel just around the corner in Santa Cruz, and have our breakfast at Levies. They have well-priced breakfast deals, that include a sandwich of your choice and a coffee or tea.
    • What to order: try the sandwich with mozzarella, tomato, ham and olive oil. It is served warm and absolutely heavenly.
  • Bar Mármoles (C. Mármoles 11). Small place that is run by a lovely lady. Lots of different sandwiches and fresh fruit juices, at a good price.
  • Bodega Santa Cruz/ Las Columnas (C. Rodrigo Caro 1). Good for a quick breakfast and very centrally located.
    • What to order: pan con aceite y tomate (toasted bread with tomato & olive oil)


  • El Patio San Eloy (C. San Eloy 9). This is actually a restaurant chain, but the location on Calle San Eloy beats the others by far. Lots of different sandwiches, and a very popular choice with the locals. Especially on Sundays, this place is packed! Families gather here for lunch, probably after visiting church. San Eloy even has a tribune, a smart use of space to allow more people to be seated. I realize this must sound very vague, but just go see it!
    • What to order: the montadito with smoked salmon and cheese and the montadito with chicken, lettuce and aioli.


  • 100 Montaditos. This sandwich chain can be found throughout the city. It is not particularly special, but has loads of choice and is very cheap. We often order a variety of montaditos here to take away and eat them in a park or on the riverside.

Dinner (or lunch)

  • Taberna Coloniales. As you might have read, I first came to Sevilla at age 18 to study Spanish. I had barely put down my suitcase, when my new roommates were leaving for dinner at Taberna Coloniales and asked me to join them. This place impressed me thoroughly and I have taken lots of friends and family here since then, that all loved it too. Why? The food is super tasty, portion sizes are good and the price is unbeatable! We had dinner here last year for my friends’ birthday, and I told her to order whatever she wanted. We had a table full of plates, a few wines each and desserts, and paid around 25 euros – in total. Many locals love this place too, though, so you often have to wait for a table. Just have the bartender write down your name on the blackboard and order a drink. Be aware that there are two locations, that each have their own atmosphere. There is one near the cathedral (C. Fernández y González 36), where staff tends to be a bit impatient but there’s lots of seating and service is fast. Then there is one near the Metropol Parasol (Plaza Cristo de Burgos 19), that has lovely staff and a small terrace, but less tables inside, so waiting time is often longer.
    • What to order: our favorites are the salmorejo (similar to gazpacho), pollo con salsa de almendras (chicken in almond sauce), croquetas, caramelized goat cheese on toast, marinated tomatoes… and so many more. Oh, and order a ‘tinto de verano’ (‘summer wine’) here. It is strong, tasty and freshly prepared, as opposed to served from a bottle, like many other places do.
This is what heaven looks like to me =)
  • El Pasaje (Pasaje Vila 8-10). This place is a bit more expensive than the other places (still very affordable), but very suitable for a romantic dinner. There’s a small covered patio, candles on the tables and a good wine list. The menu consists of both traditional and more modern, internationally inspired tapas, such as burrito’s, curry and tataki. We had dinner here several times for our anniversary.
    • What to order: mushroom risotto, burrito, toast with IMG_0348goat cheese and tomato marmelade and any of the salads
  • Bar Estrella (C. Estrella 3). Last year, when I was visiting Sevilla with a good friend, we came across this place. The owner was standing outside and asked us if we were twins (we get that a lot!). We started to talk and ended up having lunch here. Plenty of vegetarian options and the decor and terrace are lovely.
    • What to order: the menu varies, but we liked the ‘musaka de verduras’ (vegetable moussaka) and toast with goat cheese best


  • Hotel Doña María (C. Don Remondo 19). Unfortunately hardly a secret anymore,  this hotel features a large rooftop terrace with lounge seats
    View from Hotel Doña María

    and a good cocktail menu. It is not cheap, but the view around sunset or at night is worth it! There’s another rooftop bar nearby that offers maybe even nicer views (EME), but the atmosphere at this hotel is more relaxed and seating is more spacious.

  • Bilindo (Paseo de las Delicias). OK, I really hesitated if I should include this one, because the quality of drinks here varies and staff is very slow and not particularly friendly. However, we keep coming back here, because of the location. This place (it is just a huge terrace) is located on the border of Parque María Luísa. It’s a great place to soak up some sun: since it is in an open space, there’s virtually no shade. On Sundays it’s fun to see all the nicely dressed up kids playing around whilst the parents are having a drink together.

Any places I forgot to mention, that we should include in our next visit?

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