Our wedding: a short impression ❤️

Even though this is a travel blog, I decided (after some hesitation) to dedicate a post to our wedding. Why? Because we LOVED everything about it: from the location and decoration to the photographs. Everything was planned in just over 3 months time, but worked out perfectly. Hopefully our pictures offer other brides-to-be some inspiration =)

For our decoration we used Spanish elements and the colors blue and white, inspired by Spanish ‘azulejos’, decorated tiles. Many of the items used for decoration we bought or made ourselves. In order to stay within our budget, we came up with some creative solutions and did a few DIY projects. On the wedding day, we were so happy with how everything looked! To be fair though: the location, In de Kas, looked great to start with. Also, the owners, Bas and Frouke, did an amazing job decorating the place with the items we brought and their own supplies.

So here’s a short impression of our wedding! Mostly pictures of decoration and the location, in order to make sure guests do not end up online against their will. In case you think these photographs are pretty awesome (so do we!) this is the lovely lady who took them: Ilse Stronks Fotografie. We highly recommend her.



Wedding bouquet
For the bouquet, I knew right away that I wanted something simple, not too big, with blue and white flowers. Every shop I contacted quoted me prices of €50 – €80, so I went to a nearby gardening center. They were very helpful and let me pick out flowers and put together my bouquet for only €15. To me it was perfect.
Karlijn-Daan-0438 (2)The ceremony
Our ceremony was held in an orchard, underneath an apple tree. The location hung lanterns from the tree. Tree trunks with lanterns (Ikea) and flowers lined the isle. As a wedding favor, we ordered Spanish-style sandle wood fans that we stamped with our initials in blue ink. We put them on the chairs for our day guests, and they turned out to be perfect as it was a hot day.

Karlijn-Daan-0779 (2)After the ceremony: celebration time!
The tiles (picture on the right) were bought second-hand. The location had amazing cake plates, that tied in wonderfully with our theme!

For dinner, a long table was set up in the orchard. The location had hung vases above the table and we had arranged for name cards and napkins that tied in with the theme. We had a three-course Spanish style dinner. Cold soup, olives and bread to start with, lots of tapas to share for the main course, and lots of small desserts to try (including ‘churros con chocolate’, yum!).
Karlijn-Daan-0679 (2)test bruiloftEvening
After dinner, our evening guests arrived and it was time for a party inside the greenhouse. Around sunset (the ‘golden hour’), we did another photoshoot. The picture a bit further below is one of my favourites, because of the beautiful light and how it shows the back of my wedding dress (Maggie Sottero).
bruiloft3Karlijn-Daan-2102And then it was time to head home!
Karlijn-Daan-2499To conclude: we would not change anything about our day and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It was such a beautiful day!

Looking forward to your thoughts and feel free to ask any questions!


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