Destinations for color lovers: my top 10

As you may have guessed from my photographs, I absolutely LOVE colorful places and especially houses. They never fail to lift my mood! My home country, The Netherlands, is not exactly the best place for this, mainly featuring brick-colored houses. But these next ten places I visited are perfect for color lovers like me:

1. Trinidad, Cuba
This little town is an explosion of color, so it had to be the number one on the list! During our visit I just couldn’t stop taking photographs, annoying my husband so much that I ended up wandering around by myself…
img_4907img_48652. Porto, Portugal
Especially the houses on the riverside in the old town (Ribeira) are super colorful, many of them covered in tiles.
img_48583. Warsaw, Poland
The most recent place I visited on the list, click here for my post on this surprisingly beautiful city! The houses in Warsaw’s old center (stare miasto) are mainly pastel-colored and very well maintained.
4. Stockholm, Sweden
Gamla Stan, the old city center of Stockholm, is colorful, but I preferred the lesser known area around Fjallgatan. Some of the streets here feature old wooden houses in a variety of colors. Also, you will have great views from this area!
img_48715. Provence, France
A lot of towns in the Provence region are packed with the most colorful buildings, adorned with wooden shutters in even more colors.
img_48736. Havana, Cuba
Unfortunately many houses in Havana are crumbling. Yet this city is a thrill for the senses, with its colorful streets and amazing atmosphere.

7. Marrakech, Morocco
Even though I have been to Marrakech twice, I don’t think this city ever gets boring. The medina is colorful and lively, and every time you turn a corner, there’s a new photo opportunity. When you have had enough of the medina’s hustle and bustle, you can visit Jardin Majorelle, a wonderful and colorful garden designed by Yves Saint Laurent.

8. Hoi An, Vietnam
For me, Hoi An was one of the highlights of our Vietnam trip. Not too big, clean, lots of sights and history and… color! Most color comes from all the colored lanterns hanging above the streets, and from the Chinese assembly halls and buildings.

9. Seville, Spain
Many cities in Andalusia are bright and colorful (such as Cadiz and Granada), but the jewish neighborhood of Sevilla, Santa Cruz, is my favorite.
img_4863-110. Chefchaouen, Morocco
This small town is almost fully painted blue. My visit here was back in 2008, before it became so well known (and touristy, I guess). Back then, I owned a super cheap camera hence the low-quality photograph, but you get the picture, right?
img_4894Having seen pictures, Colombia seems like it would be a great addition to the list. Do you have any other suggestions?



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