Oslo: walking route along the Akerselva river

This is one of those cities that totally exceeded my expectations. We only visited Oslo because we found cheap flights to New York from there, but looking back I might prefer Oslo over New York! Oslo has lots of nature. This walking route, along Akerselva river, is the perfect way to experience that. You will even see waterfalls! Who would expect that in a city?

The Akerselva river starts at Maridalsvannet lake and is 8 kilometers long. You could start from the lake and walk all the way to the end of the river. We however only followed part of the river, that did include a lot of interesting places. Here’s our general route and our favourite places along the way.

  1. Start east of Beierbrua
    We started our walking tour east of Beierbrua, which was in the neighborhood our accommodation was located in. If you’d like to start your walk with a drink, a good option near Beierbrua is Ringnes Brygghus, a brewery in an interesting industrial building, where you can taste beers. Alternatively, you can visit Hønse-Lovisas house, a café in an idyllic wooden house, for a coffee or tea, waffels and pastries.
  2. Cross the river at Beierbrua to Sagveien
    Immediately after starting this walk, you will pass by one of the most beautiful areas in Oslo – in my opinion. The area after crossing the bridge features some beautiful industrial architecture as well as traditional wooden houses. I think this area has several art galleries, bars and a theatre, but they were closed when we visited so not sure about them. Instead, we wandered a bit further north to the area where the Sagveien street ends. You will find some beautiful traditional houses here as well.

    Traditional houses near the end of Sagveien street
  3. Sagveien to Vøyenfallene waterfall
    Head back to the river and walk southwards along the river to the next bridge, passing by Wallmans. From this bridge, you will have a great view on the Vøyenfallene waterfall. We were amazed to find such a large waterfall in the city!

    Vøyenfallene waterfall and the cool industrial architecture I talked about in the background. Picture by Visit Oslo.
  4. Vøyenfallene waterfall to Aamodt Bru
    From here, keep following the river southwards (this is easiest on the east side of the river) until you see an old suspension bridge called the Aamodt Bru.
  5. Aamodt Bru to Tethusbakken
    After the Aamodt Bru bridge, you will find two more bridges. Near the second one, you can access the main road (Maridalsveien) for a small detour from the river. When you reach Maridalsveien, you will see a small street ahead of you called ‘Tethusbakken’ . It might not look like much from a distance, but if you follow (climb) this street you will find lots of traditional and colorful wooden houses that are worth a look. Afterwards, head back down to Maridalsveien.

  6. Tethusbakken to Mathallen
    Take the first street on your left (Vulkan) after you get back to Maridalsveien, to find the ‘Mathallen’. This is a covered marketplace that has lots of artisanal food and other items to offer. The area has lots of great restaurants and cafés, so it makes for a great stop for drinks, lunch or dinner.
  7. Mathallen to Blå / Ingensteds
    After visiting the Mathallen, follow ‘Vulkan’ street to ‘Brenneriveien’ and then ‘Ingens Gate’. Here you will find two nightclubs called Blå and Ingensteds, as well as cool street art. On Sundays a vintage clothing and arts & crafts market is held here between 12:00 and 17:00.
  8. Follow the river until you reach the harbour!
    After numerous stops, we were ready to head back to the harbour. Getting there is easy: just follow the river. If you still have some energy left and you like tasting beers, you can add another stop at Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri, a brewery that is located a few minutes walking from the river.

    View on the harbour from a ferry

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