Rottnest Island: cute quokkas & beautiful bays

Last year I came across a picture of an unbelievably cute animal, that I found out was called a quokka and only lives on an island on Australia’s west coast. So when we visited the area, a trip to Rottnest Island was a must for me! It turned out the island has way more to offer than just cute quokkas though.

Practical information
Getting there & away
There are two ferry companies that go to Rottnest several times per day, both from Fremantle and from Perth. It is recommended to book tickets in advance, since the island is pretty popular. The ferry ride from Fremantle took around 30 minutes.

Getting around
During the process of booking your ferry ticket, you can add rental bikes. In my opinion the perfect way to explore the island. There are some hills, but nothing too serious. Alternatively, you can buy tickets for the hop on/ hop off bus, but personally I feel like that’s no good way to see such a relaxed place.

What to do & see
We biked around the island and quickly noticed our first quokka! These animals are very curious and will come inspect your bags (one even tried to open mine) and camera. Trying to get a quokka selfie is a must here, but is very difficult since the quokkas are constantly on the move. Also, please keep in mind it is not allowed to touch them. We enjoyed just watching them. You will find quokkas in the bushes and near bars or restaurants, because unfortunately the quokkas have been fed a lot by tourists even though this is prohibited.


As mentioned, you can include rental bikes with your ferry ticket. The island is perfect for cycling since there are no vehicles except for the hop on / hop off bus, and it is relatively flat. You can easily see the whole island by bike in one day and have plenty of time for some stops at beaches and for a bite or drink.

Enjoy the beaches and bays
Personally, I had no idea upfront that this island would have such pretty beaches! White sand, crystal clear water: perfect for swimming, snorkeling and enjoying a summer day. We read that besides bikes, you can also include snorkeling gear with your ferry ticket. When we were there though, it was still too cold to swim.

Iced Coffee
On Geordie Bay you will find Geordie’s Cafe. This place has a large assortment of food and drinks, including lots of amazing looking cakes, brownies and cookies. After biking around the island we opted for the iced coffee and it was GOOD. Highly recommended stop after cycling around in the hot Rotto weather!

Visit the Wadjemup Lighthouse
It takes some effort biking up the hill to reach this lighthouse. We only looked at the information plaques and the outside, but it is possible to do a guided tour as well.


Optional: enjoy the calmth after the last ferry leaves
We looked into staying on the island for a few days, but accommodation was pretty expensive and a minimum stay of 2 nights applied. Luckily, a day trip is sufficient to see every part of the island, but after our trip we resolved to go back someday and then spend the money to stay a few nights. The island is so pretty and it must feel very special to have the place almost for yourself after the last ferry leaves.


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