Singapore: short impression of our 2,5 day stopover

On the way to Australia we had a 2,5 day stopover in Singapore. Of course this was a great opportunity to see the city, but it also made the long trip to Melbourne a bit more bearable. We enjoyed Singapore a lot, and were able to get a good impression in just a few days!

We arrived on Thursday around 12:00. Our flight to Melbourne was leaving on Sunday at 00:30, meaning we had around 2,5 days to explore Singapore. Here’s what we did.

Day 1: Little India

After checking in at the hotel our first priority was coffee: we had not slept in over 30 hours. We then explored the area we stayed in, Little India. Strangely, it really feels like India here! The area has some cool buildings and street art, and of course you can find the best Indian food here. We found a nice restaurant and had ‘palak paneer‘ and some beers. And then we went to bed early and slept for 12 hours straight =)

Day 2: Gardens by the Bay & Marina Bay

After breakfast we took the MRT to Gardens by the Bay, one of the places I definitely wanted to see. We really liked the Supertrees, enormous structures that look a bit like trees. There are also two domes you can visit: the Flower Dome and the Cloud Dome. The Cloud Dome was wonderful, featuring an elevated path and an indoor waterfall, but the Flower Dome had been decorated abundantly for Christmas and looked very kitschy to us. We then went back to the hotel for a swim and some rest.

For sunset we visited the skybar on top of Marina Bay Sands hotel, called Ce La Vi. We enjoyed our cocktail and the views. A stay at this hotel would have blown our budget, but this was a good alternative. Same views, you just miss out on the pool. Maybe if we go back someday…

After sunset, we hurried towards Gardens by the Bay and arrived just in time for the Garden Rhapsody, a light- and sound show in the Supertree Grove. We were too late to get a seat, but lying on the ground looking up worked fine too! It only lasts for maybe 15 – 30 minutes, but is worth the effort to get there.

Day 3: Chinatown, Hill Street Police Station, Kampong Glam and Merlion Park

After check-out at our hotel we took the MRT to Chinatown. Once again, just like in Little India, this neighborhood felt like a different country! We visited the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It’s free but make sure to wear proper clothing, that covers your shoulders and knees. They didn’t seem to deny access to people who didn’t, but it shows some respect. Then we had lunch (a big Tiger beer and noodles) in Chinatown’s ‘food court’, a covered street full of Asian food stalls and German-style long tables and benches. Affordable and yummy. We ended our visit to Chinatown by admiring some of the street art.

We did a quick stop at the old Hill Street Police Station, and then continued to Kampong Glam, the Arab neighbourhood. There are many murals and quirky bars here, so if you like street art, don’t miss it!

In the evening we went to Merlion Park and watched the Spectra Light Show.

Then it was time to leave Singapore already! We made our way to the airport and flew to Melbourne, where we currently are.

We really liked Singapore: it is a surprising Western-feeling city (clean and orderly) but with Asian food and a tropical climate. Have you been and what did you think?


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