Havana’s atmosphere captured in photographs

You might be able to tell that I am all about colorful photographs, and Cuba is thé perfect place for taking colorful pictures! Especially Havana is a photographer’s paradise. It was my first trip using my mirrorless camera, and I was not disappointed. In this post, I am sharing some of my favourite photographs of Havana.

Cuba feels like you are thrown back in time with the decayed buildings and oldtimers. I experimented a bit converting some photographs to black and white, as you might have noticed previously on this blog. The black and white made the photographs feel like my grandparents could have taken them ages ago on a decadent holiday, which I kind of liked. However, I decided that I prefer the photographs in color, since they better capture Havana’s vibrant atmosphere.

In this post I will not be sharing any tips or itineraries, I will do that in another post. This time, it’s just photographs! Hope you enjoy them =)


Let me know what you think about these photographs!


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