Mallorca roadtrip 3: Capdepera, Far de Capdepera & Porto Cristo

Previously I shared two roadtrips in Mallorca: one to Pollença, Formentor & Port de Pollença, and one to Valldemossa, Deía and Port de Sollèr. In this post I’ll share one more trip, that includes stops in Capdepera, Far de Capdepera and Porto Cristo. It can be completed in half a day, but you could easily make it a day trip as well.

From Llubí, the village we stayed in, we drove to Capdepera, in the northeast of the island.

Capdepera is an old, relatively small town. The central square has some terraces that offer good (strong) coffee and friendly waiters. On the hill just above the city lies a fortress that you can visit. We were not sure if the steep climb up to the castle was worth it, so after a coffee on Capdepera’s main square, we decided to continue our trip.
DSC03533 (2)Far de Capdepera
Even though this place sounds as if it is located right next to the previous town, it is actually a 15-minute drive away. Drive straight through Cala Ratjada, a very touristic beach town, and follow the signs to the ‘Far’ (lighthouse). After you leave Cala Ratjada, the road quickly gets steeper and you enter sort of a forest of pine trees. We parked halfway up the hill on the side of the road and walked the rest of the way.


From the ligthouse and the top of the hill, you have great views to both sides. There are no fences here, so you can walk onto the rocks pretty far (if you dare – we did not). We brought lunch and sat down on the rocks for a picknick with a view. To our disappointment, the lighthouse was not open to the public. So after our picknick and walking around some more, we walked back to the car.

DSC03538DSC03572 (2)


Porto Cristo
Initially, we had planned to visit one of the small coves that Mallorca is famous for, called Cala Petita. We put the address into our navigation, but it appeared impossible to reach the cove. After driving around for a while, we decided to visit the beach at Porto Cristo, that was super easy to reach with parking just a few steps from the beach.

Having looked forward to visiting a quiet cove away from other tourists, this was a bit of a disappointment at first. However, the water was clear and the beach was still a hundred times more picturesque than the beaches in the Netherlands. Since I cannot stay in the sun for too long, my husband and I went for a drink in the shade at a small restaurant just off the beach that offered nice views over the bay.
DSC03590We stayed at Porto Cristo for a while, then drove home.

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